5 Best Paintball Knee Pads 2023 Reviews

Best Paintball Knee Pads

Without sliding, going through tough terrain, and crawl through undergrowth paintball is no fun! But, this only possible with the freedom of mind from the injury. in this case, the selection of best paintball knee pads become extremely critical. However, you should have an idea that which pair is the best for you, and what you should be looking at while buying the paintball knee pads.

List of Best Paintball Knee Pads

Here we are going to disclose the most awaited list of best knee pads for paintball that are worth buying.

1- MAIBU Protective Knee Pads

best paintball knee pads

Suppose you are looking for a low profile, light budget, yet protective gear for your expedition. MAIBU Protective Knee Pad is a good option to choose, as it protects your knee pads from any injury and heavy impact without getting heavy on your pocket.

This knee pad is made up of cotton, sponge, and other breathable materials, providing good elasticity and comfort, still staying light in weight, so don’t cause any interruption to your cautious game.

Fit for leg circumference up to 14.96 – 20.47 inches, which means it’s adequate for young adults. It provides good resistance to abrasion and boosts your blood circulation, and lets you move with maximum ease to your full extent. It even has some healing powers that can heal a small sprain or injury without any trouble.

This pair is even good to provide warmth and comfort to your stiff muscles and joints. Ideal for playing many games, like volleyball, paintball, basketball, cycling, skating, and many more.

  • Light weight Light in weight so comfortable to use
  • Non Slippery no problem of of re adjusting the kneepads again and again
  • Abrasion-resistant this kneepad keep you safe from any injury or stress
  • Comfort to stiff muscles Effective and comforting for stiff muscles
  • Low Profile Best low profile knee pads for paintball
  • Padding The padding is not very thick.


2- Bodyprox Protective Knee Pad

knee pad for paintball

While you are freely and amazingly concentrating on your game, this safety gear for your knees falls in the middle range. Not a very low budget that doesn’t offer you the best safety and not so expensive that you can’t afford it.

One of the best paintball knee pads with a unisex design, so you don’t need to buy different for men and women, and the body prox do understand the difference between bodies, so it provides you with two different sizes.

Body Prox offers high-density strengthen foam packed in a breathable fabric that assures elasticity, comfort, and keeps your skin dry. It’s an ideal product with a perfect ergonomic design that ensures ease of movement with its ultra-lightweight. 

Not only good to boost your blood circulation, provide impact resistance, but it even helps your old injured and strained muscles by keeping them warm and protected.

Easy to wear and easy to put them off. Provide a nice grip to your knee and no fear of slipping and sliding during your play. It hugs your knee so nicely and tightly that once fixed, no worries of readjustment!

  • Perfect Grip: No-slip perfect grip
  • Mobility Ease: Provides ease of mobility
  • Paintball: Paintball best knee pad
  • Better blood Circulation : Boost blood circulation
  • Undergarments: Not appropriate to wear under your pants or shorts.


3- BLACKHAWK! Advanced Tactical Knee Pads

It’s time to talk about something serious; yes, it is serious protection for your knees. The upgraded version of all. 

The BLACKHAWK ADVANCED TACTICAL KNEE PADS take care of your knees when you take serious notice of your paintball target. 

Just rush towards it and your knees. They have their safety guard on, which will not only protect your knees from injury or even sprain. 

Black Hawk offers a denier 600 shell, which is quite a good protection for your knee cap. The shin guard of this knee pad is perfect as it is an injection-molded flex cap design.

As it has closed-cell foam padding that imparts shock resistance, so there is no water retention in this best paintball knee pads.

The producers of this brand are fully aware that if a knee pad adds a hindrance in the movement, it is a big downfall that makes it of no worth for a dedicated player.

With all its marvelous features, it has an enormous grip.

So with all its plus points, it is the best purchase for those who are looking for what a perfect knee pad for paintball should be like. Yes, here it is Black Hawk Advanced knee pad is the answer.

  • Denier 600 shell
  • Inner Pads: Soft and shock resisting inner pad
  • Padded extentions: Padded side extensions
  • Improved protection with moment ease: Maximum protection with ease of movement.
  • Poor Strap Adjustment : Customers reported issues with strap adjustments.


4- TTIO Knee Pads

best paintball knee pads reviews

It’s a very competitive and nature-friendly product as the material used in this knee pad is high-density environmental Eva Materials.

It is very gentle to your skin and very tough to resist impact and abrasion. An outclass combination of delicacy and safety smart in look and protects smartly. It is a perfect gear for your sports as it offers nice padding embedded in breathable chiffon.

These pads provide a perfect fitting with their stretchability and elasticity, so no worries of slipping and sliding off; get your best-fixed knee pads during your exercise or sports.

Always intact and assuring the minimum risk of injury or knee strain. It is equipped with non-slip silicone strips that allow you to wear it freely.

Moreover, provided in 3 different sizes, so you have the freedom to choose according to your choice and body type. So lightweight to wear that you can even forget you are wearing any safety gear or not.

TTIO knee pad is a unisex product. And is suitable for most sports and yoga and is recommended to protect your knees during any paintball expedition. It brings you the option for all, male, female kids, and all the sports lovers. Perfect protection for outdoor games.

  • High quality Manufacturing: High-quality materials are used in manufacturing
  • Shock Resistance: Shock absorption and impact resistance
  • Kness Capacity Enhancement: A perfect elastic force that boosts the impact bearing of your knees
  • Unisex Product: It’s a unisex version
  • Thin Padding: A few customers complained about its thin padding
  • Poor resist abrasions impact: They can resist abrasions but not impact very well.


5- Planet Eclipse Paintball Knee Pads – HD Core


Besides paintball, these best paintball knee pads can be used in multiple activities for comfort and protection since they are made of high-density foam padding.

A unique feature is that even the secondary padding are swappable. This feature lets you choose the desired comfort as per your own choice. Increased airflow is ensured through upper and lower Velcro closures for a precise fit.

These surely are one of the best Paintball knee pads of 2023. The comfort level is better than others because both the upper and the town strips can be adjusted as per the need of the person using the knee pads.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Knee Pads is so lightweight that it can provide comfort for a longer period. The comfortable feel that you drop with them feels like that to draw on a pillow. Additional protection for scraps and cuts are added through the poly shield. These knee pads are fully adjustable, so they can also be wear on jeans.

  • Vented construction: Vented construction for better breathability
  • Adjustability: Both straps are fully adjustable
  • Secondary Straps: Additional protection is available through secondary straps
  • Swappable Pads: Customizable protection because secondary pads are swappable
  • Increased airflow: Inno design because of Increased airflow
  • Short life span: Some users complain although not many in number that these pads can maximum be used only for three months
  • Bending Problem: Some users complain that they can’t be able to fully bend their knee while wearing the pads


Last word

All the sports are fun until and unless you are safe. if you are compromising your safety for timely fun, you are making a really bad bargain. So yes sports are healthy, but play them after getting fully equipped with your perfect safety gear.

So my dear paintball fans hurry up, choose your desired and required knee pad from the upper list and move on with your play.

Have a nice sport!