My volleyball knee pads are tight. How to stretch?

Why We Wear Knee Pads?

ThinkingThe reason to wear knee pads or any security gear is very clear that we just want to be safe in case of any bad incident. But only wearing these gears are not the only required thing. You need to make sure that you are wearing these safety gear in a proper way that can lead to the ultimate and maximum safety.

Moreover, the ease and relaxation of movement are also mandatory. As if your mobility is affected and you feel like stretching out your kneepads, definitely you cant do your work with the desired ease. And when your functionality is not ideal, bothering for safety gets secondary at that time.

Yes, I know the pain and irritation which you can suffer if your knee pads are not a perfect fit. As they start causing disturbance instead of providing you any ease or safety.


Now, what are the perfect fittings for your knee pad do they be loosely fit so you can wear them without much trouble. But if they are loose they will keep slipping and when they are slipping they are definitely not a perfect fit.

As a loose kneepad will keep getting displaced from its original destination. yes, I m talking about your knee cap and when they are moving around it means that they are interrupting your job. Moreover, they might get hurting instead of helping.


If they are too tight and the get stuck at a place and keep you irritating that and you keep feeling like stretch them out and make them a bit relaxed to wear. This one too is a danger instead of safety as it can even interrupt your blood supply and cause collateral damage.

Moreover, an unrelated posture and an overstretched kneepad will never bring ease to your kneeling position. That is the ultimate purpose of wearing a knee pad.  And will obstruct you while you are playing your games such as volleyball or cycling.

As your concentration will be on your blood drained legs instead of the game.


If you just found an extremely tight knee pad, I m saying extremely tight, not snug. Because if it is not even snug it is too loose and prone to fall down.

But if it is so tight that it’s getting uncomfortable and chocking your blood supply than definitely you need to stretch it a bit.

For stretching it you can wash it in cold water, after washing it you need to put it on something that is wider or thinker than your leg. Leave it there for a few hours and as it is dry. hopefully, it is perfect for you to wear as it is stretched out according to your knee size.

If you’re looking to buy kneedpads without having this stretch issues, then you should must read our knee pads buying guide, it’ll help you a lot.

Don’t use hot water or tumble dryer for your knee pads as they ca shrink due heat or hot water.


Definitely I m not saying that you should not wear knee pads at all as the consequences can be worse. But you should go for the perfect fittings. And if those perfect fittings are not available by default you can make a few amendments and make them perfect for your self.

Like if your knee pads are slipping due to your thin knees and you want some tips plz look into How To stop Knee pad from slipping. And yes you can avoid there slipping and make then perfect according to your ease.

Moreover, if your knee pads are too tight and obstructing your blood supply you still need some alterations to make them an exact fitting. So your knee pads should not be too loose to slip down and not too tight to tease you while moving.


There is an interesting fact about your kneepad fittings that it can alter as your task is altered. Yes as there are different kinds of kneepads for different sports and labor works. So there is a variety in their fittings as well.

We also covered already different sports kneepads as well like, knee pads for skateboard, Best Mountain Biking Knee Pads, Paint ball knee pads and alot more different, may check more sports knee pads by exploring our website 🙂

Yes while in volleyball you need to run during the game and even for warm-up. So you need a fitting that is not too flabby that it slips down and not too tight that it causes discomfort. Because once you are not comfortable with your safety gear your opponent can get the benefit.

To get rid of any such situation, check your kneepads prior to the game. so you can be familiar with its fittings. Moreover, if you find them trouble-causing make it perfect first and then bring it to the ground.

For proper fittings check your knee pads, you can try tumb rule as your knee pads are snug but still have a capacity to accommodate your thumb it means its a perfect fit.


Wearing your knee pads for volleyball is a bit technical than other sports like cycling and skating. You might have observed that the volleyball players wear their kneepads a bit below their kneecaps.

Why do they do that? is a bit of a technical question to answer. The volley pad knee pad has a difference in circumference from the top and bottom levels. It is designed so to protect the Vastus Medialis and the Peroneus Longus for any strain or heavy impact. They are also good at protecting the Sciatic and peroneal nerves. Moreover, they also provide a temperature balance that is required while the game is on.


While you are wearing your knee pad you are safe from any hard impact. But if you are wearing them in a proper way you are protected and at ease. Wearing your knee pads properly is not rocket science. But yes if you will be careful about a few procedures you can get better performance

So make sure to try them while practice so you can understand their perfect adjustments. Trying a new one directly on the ground is not at all suggested.

Moreover, fixing it according to the shape of your knee pads while wearing it is also suggested. You make sure that your knee pad doesn’t clasp behind your knee as that it gets very painful if remain in the condition for long.


While you are purchasing your knee pads make sure that they are your perfect fittings. You can even try them in the store don’t hesitate to try. as if they are loose or too tight in both cases they are a waste.

Moreover, if you still picked something wrong don’t worry you can fix it with the above-mentioned techniques. But perfection is better to buy when the market is even offering.

You should even consider the padding before buying. As if you are purchasing a knee pad for a volleyball and you are a newbie you should go for thicker padding. and if you are an expert thinner padding will go good with you anyway.

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