Are Knee Pads For Snowboarding A Lame Idea?

Knee Pads a Lame Idea For Snowboarding

Do you think Knee Pads For Snowboarding is a lame idea? Let’s find it out here.

Last weekend we got together with old school friends. One of my friends told me that he had been snow surfing since he was a child, which is almost 12 years. He said he thought that he does not need to wear knee pads for snowboarding anymore till the last year. 

He had a collision and got his knee injured. Also, he told me that if he didn’t wear the proper protective gear on that particular day, he might never be able to walk again. I always believe that it is better to be protected than to be an example for others to quote.  After listening to his experience, my belief becomes more firm. 

Another friend, named Jim, contributed to the discussion that he is using protective products.  These products not only help him to protect himself but also save him from slipping. Some of the partial parts are removable and provide extra grip to protect the player from falling.  Bob, an old friend of mine, told me about his Knee pads, said that they are comfortable, don’t slip, and are pretty comfortable for me. He thought that these would not be able to protect him in the case of Collision, so he was looking for or a harder and stronger one.

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Knee pads for SnowBoarding and Cycling Both

This gets together motivated me to write this article. I was collecting the data for this article when I met a cycle rider. 

The fantastic thing that attracts my interest is that he is a mountain biker, and his hobby is snowboarding. He shared his experience and said that he wants to wear the knee pads, which do not leave their place while moving even after the whole day of snowboarding or cycling.

This is the topmost priority, and he said that he is even willing to spend more money on these types of the knee pad.  My knees are fat, so most of the time, I buy the size, which is plus one from my actual size. He added and concluded his talk. 

The reviews of an instructor

 Search for this article brought me to an instructor. I requested him to please give his views about the topic.  Mr. Abrahim was a kind-hearted man, and he shared his experiences openly; he said that while snowboarding. There are two very essential skills to learn.

Essential Skills For Snow Boarding

Never fall

The first is to avoids to fall you must know how to avoid falling while snowboarding.  This doesn’t mean that you should not take risks. If you do not take the chance, you will never be a good Snowboard Rider. This is essential for you to take risks. This second scale is equally important too.

When Ever fall, fall properly.

After some time, you will be able to know that you are going to fall.  You started to feel some signals that will tell you that now it will happen and you will fall. As soon as you receive the early signs that you will fall, never do the natural human reactions.

Don’t use Natural Human Reaction.

In the case of natural human reaction to protect yourself from fall the humans use hands. If you do this, you may not save your wrist, and it may be broken. The chances to break the waste will be high even if you have tried to protect your wrist with the wrist protector. The best way to fall is to bend your knees out of the body to protect your rib cage with your arms by holding it as your hugging someone and fall on the snow.

After the proper research, I can now recommend to you some good stuff to protect you do while enjoying snowboarding. 

Snowboard protective gear

None of the gear discusses here or less or less important to each other. but I decided to start with the helmet


The helmet is needed in many Sports to protect your most valuable and vital organ, that is your brain. The helmet saves your head whenever you fall.  This fall maybe during cycling on the road.  This protects the player while he is playing cricket or hockey.  In our case, as we are discussing snowboarding.  Your helmet will save you if you fall on the ice.  During the fall, you may hate stone or tree bushes.  Your helmet at the time is your protector against The Rock and the wood. This saves you when you directly hit the ground.


As we have shared the reviews of an expert that never uses your hands to stop the fall even. However, this is our natural reaction to stop the fall with the help of our hands.  Especially in the case of beginners, they always try to stop with the help of their hands. So the wrist is the one that is at the maximum risk while falling. To save the wrist, this is essential to use a wrist guard. 

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Pads as protectors

Many types of pads are available in the market to save from injuries in the case of falls.  The three most common ones are hip elbow and knee pads. Another one that is not as famous as these three are equally imported is the back pad.

 let’s look at them one by one

 Back protector

These pads are big in size. Not very commonly used, but in any way, this is not of less importance. Some snowboarders give it less importance as back injuries are not very common among snowboarders. But please do remember that some backbone injury cases in snowboarding have been reported in which the player has to suffer a lot.  Prevention is always better than cure.  So this is important to wear a back protector even though backbone injuries are not very common among snowboarders.

knee pads

The knees can be injured very easily, Not only for snowboarding but in all types of sports. So this is important to wear knee pads. Knee pads will not only save you from the possible or potential injury. But this will also keep your muscles together tight and warm.  this means if you already have an injury wearing knee pads for snowboarding will provide relief during the play

Many types of lipids are available in the market, but this can be divided into two main categories.

Hot plastic knee pads

As per its name, these are made of hard plastic.  Due to the product of the hard plastic, these are unable to provide flexibility to the knees. On the other hand, these are the best protectors if you slide on the ground and play winter sports.

Flexible material knee pads 

These knee pads are made of flexible material, most commonly cloth and Cotton.

The good thing about these is that they can be easily worn under the cloth. Secondly, it provides the moment’s flexibility, but it will not be as strong as the hard plastic knee pads are.

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Best Snowboard knee pads 2020

To give you another practical benefit of this article and my research on this, I have selected some of the market’s best available products. This will not only save your time but will provide you with the best

1- Best bikers knee pad x 30

These are made for the bikers but can also be used as a snowboard knee pad. If you are looking for a  knee pad, which provides you with the maximum liberty to move this one. The padding in these knee pads is foam, which provides you comfort.  And it also has a  certification for the motorcycle rider  CE  162 1-1 assurance that this is a quality product.

2- Innovative Undercover knee pads for snowboarders (Triple – 8)

These pads are made explicitly for snowboarders and for skating. Available in three different sizes, they are comfortable and flexible. As these are made of innovative nylon material, which is preferable, this is easy to wear them under the clothes.


3- Waterproof knee pads for snowboarding with gel Venum Kontact

Available in large medium sizes is black color knee pads have the protection of gel and soft cotton.  The gel makes the outer layer while the soft stuff makes the inner layer gentle on the knees these are adjustable and do not require any straps to fit. In addition to all these qualities, these are waterproof too.   

4- Knee pads for wrestlers buck wild

These knee pads are so good that the restless can wear them too. This is of multiple-use for basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Available in 4 different colors black white, red and blue  and two sizes adult and youth,

If you are looking for a knee preserving for all your purposes, this is the best one to buy. This is light draggable, can easily fit, and slim.  The Doom shaped design makes it a good protector which can fit easily on your knees.


5- Professional women knee pads with gel cushion 

thunderbolt this is specifically designed by keeping in mind the women’s special requirements. This anti-slip grip is perfect for flooring, coma cleaning, gardening, and tile work. If you are looking for a product that can accommodate you as a woman, this is the best product.


6. Thick gel MI pad –  MC David

This favorite to be used in the field of sports medicine. If you want normal blood circulation around your knees while wearing the knee pads, this is the best for you. Knee pads can easily be wear can easily be worn under your pants. The heavy-duty fabric made of Nylon makes it flexible so that it can easily fit on any size; the protective layer of the gel inclusion disability to save the money in case of collision


7.  Knee Pads Specially Designed for Snowboard Activities

Knee Pads a Lame Idea For Snowboarding

As illustrated by the name, if you are looking for any pack designed for Snowboard activities, your search will end with this. These pads are made with a combination of material for outside the plastic, and inside the form is used. Plastic will protect you when the foam comes for you. 

Another Lethal combination of this product is that at the same time, it is breathable and keeps the knee warm; this is an excellent feature that you do not find in common.

The downside of protective gears

 I met a fascinating guy during my research for this article. He is a snowboarder, and he said that he likes to wear protective gear, but these protective gears limit his movements, and he will not be able to move as swiftly as he can move without the protective gear. But he is also of the opinion that this protective gear is necessary for the protection.  A stitch in time saves nine; he concluded his opinion. 

Final thoughts

No doubt that the protective gear limits the moments. But to keep moving, it is essential to protect your body parts, which are not possible without the protective equipment.  So we advise you to use this protective gear to remain safe and keep enjoying your passion for snowboarding or any other Sports. 

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