Different Methods Of Washing VolleyBall Knee Pads

Different Methods Of Washing VolleyBall Knee Pads

Looking for the easiest way of washing Volleyball Knee Pads? You’re at the right place. You might have thought a lot of times can you wash volleyball knee pads? Yes, you can. Continue reading and know more about the easy way of VolleyBall Knee Pads cleaning methods.

Playing hard and sweating Good is a natural phenomenon, and we don’t mind it at all. But dear when your safety gear is packed in a locker and stinking high it’s actually an unfair toll to your team maids.


Yes I know that’s not your fault but believe me, that can be at least your carelessness. So I hope you all will like to avoid the embarrassing situation when your playmates are accusing you of killing their smell buds.

Many players believe that washing a knee pad can corrupt its fittings, but believe me its nothing more, but a myth. In this article, you will come across the best possible and easiest ways to wash your kneepads. and make them bearable for others as well.

Moreover a few best tips for keeping them odorless for a longer period of time. Let’s start with a few best ways you can adopt for this technical laundry.

How To Clean Smelly Knee Pads?

Different Methods Of Washing VolleyBall Knee Pads

The smell is caused by a few unwanted bacteria that are fastly multiplied in the humid environment of your sweat-filled volleyball knee pads. You can delay the process of the growth of those unwanted bacteria by continuous exposure to the sun and fresh air. For that, you need to keep your kneepads dry.

And a sports person no matters he is playing volleyball or doing biking in the mountains or even wearing army kneepads for crawling expeditions. Sweating is a must phenomenon. But whether that sweat will remain in your kneepads or not that is your effort and decision.

Washing a kneepad is a bit tricky but not at all an impossible task you need to follow a few steps and keep in mind a few don’ts and here you go.

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1.Washing Knee Pads in a Machine

If you want to wash your volleyball knee pads in a machine you just need to follow a few steps and you can easily add up a bit more hygiene in your sports regime.

  • As it’s not always any impact that can harm you, but the notorious bacteria in your kneepads can also cause eczema if left unattended.
  • For machine, it’s better if you place your kneepads in a mesh laundry bag and then put them in a washing machine
  • It’s better if you don’t put them separately in the washing machine but with a semi-full load of clothes or softer items like socks.
  • While adding a detergent make sure that the detergent you are using is a mild one not loaded with harsh chemicals.
  • Add up almost 100 ml of white vinegar so your the odor-causing bacteria can get an extra punch.
  • Don’t put the machine on hard washing the mild option is better to keep your kneepads safe while washing
  • Hot water is never recommended for any kind of kneepad washing. Weather army or biking kneepads the cold water washing is better and recommended.
  • Now once the washing is done even drying needs some extra effort and time. Hang them in open space, don’t use dryer option until and unless its an emergency.
  • Give them some extra time for drying as the sun can kill all the odor-causing bacteria if exposed for a good duration.


2.Handwash / Soaking Method Of Washing Volleyball Knee Pads

volleyball knee pads

The soaking method is another option for those who don’t want to give a machine wash to their beloved knee pads. Still want to rescue their teammates from the bashing odor, That’s draining out their playing capacity.

For the soaking method, you don’t need to struggle much but only follow the following few steps, and yes you have done.

  • Here you will put the hottest available water in a sink or tub and put your knee pads in that water-filled tub.
  • Now you need 1 cup full of detergent to give a wash to your full-size kneepads. Moreover, a half-cup can be an option for the smaller ones.
  • Now shake the water well so the detergent and the kneepads can rock well with the water in the tub.
  • So, now try to soak them for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 12 hours.
  • Forthwith you will notice that the water has changed the color don’t worry its just that dirt which is coming out your protective gear is just safe.
  • Now rinse it well with water until the water starts coming out clean.
  • Now hang them out in open air for a good period of time until fully dry, no moisture left to regenerate odor-causing bacteria.

3.The Easiest Shower Method of Cleaning Your Kneepads

This option is the easiest way as you don’t need any extra time or effort. You just need to accompany your kneepads while you are going to  take a shower and follow the following steps

  • While your kneepads are sharing your shower space you just need to put them on the floor.
  • So while your kneepads are also bathing with you and water is running over them. Press them a bit even with your feet ts ok.
  • While you press you will notice some nasty brown water running out of them. So repeat the slight and steady pressure until the water turns clear.
  • You can even pour some soap over them as well as you are doing with your body.
  • When you rinse your body do the same with the kneepads
  • And meanwhile, you are done with your bathing your kneepads also took a nice shower
  • Isn’t so easy
  • But keep in mind the drying part is also as important as the washing one.

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As now you are well aware f each and every step to clean up your kneepads and make them odor-free. I would like to share 6 tips that will help you deal with the issue.

  1. Drying a knee Pad is not a one minute process you will have to make your kneepads free for at least 12 hours to dry properly.
  2. As you are free from training and rushing towards your locker you just dump all the things in a bag and put in a locker. Never do that this way put the wettest items in separate plastic bags.
  3. As the separation will avoid the bacteria to party together and boost the smell.
  4. Don’t store the wet kneepads allow them a sundry or at least air-dry from outside and inside as well.
  5. Never leave the kneepads to get dry over a heating machine as the concentrated heat can shrink or de shape your kneepads and make them useless.
  6. If you don’t afford washing your kneepads on a daily basis. You can at least dry them in the open air. As when you store your knee pads damp you actually are nourishing the nasty bacteria which causes odor.
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Different Methods Of Washing VolleyBall Knee Pads


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How to Wash Mountain bike Kneepads?

Washing a kneepad is a bit technical, but with the above-mentioned steps, you can wash all types of kneepads. The method you are gonna chose is definitely your choice and ease.

How To Clean Army Knee pads?

Cleaning army kneepads are as simple as washing volleyball kneepads. But due to its hard shin, it’s better to use the soaking technique instead of machine wash. Those with flexible material can be washed in the machine

How to get rid Of Kneepad Odor?

If you are concerned about the kneepad odor drying is more important even the washing part. Using a vinegar spray over your kneepads and letting them dry properly can save you from an odor emergency.

How long does it take for volleyball knee pads to dry?

The drying duration can vary from the atmosphere to atmosphere but for ideal moisture-free kneepads, you’ll have to wait for at least 12 hours.
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Note: dry your kneepads in a dry atmosphere, not in a steamy washroom

Final Words

Being a high horse is not always possible, so I don’t accuse anybody of not daily washing their safety gear. But with so many easy ways and so many handy tips, you must consider it. If you are still not bothering about your teammate’s comfort and panicking their nose. You should not complain that your teammates embarrass you by mentioning the smell issue.

As all of us need survival and the notorious smell is actually killing at times. Which may don’t bother the wearer as He or She gets habitual but your teammates haven’t developed the resistance. So do keep your kneepads odor-free and save yourself and others as well.

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