How to Get RID of Knee Pain Fast

How to Get RID of Knee Pain Fast

Knee pain can afflict anyone regardless of their age. Overworked muscles, excessive exercise, obesity, and injury can also be apart from old age. Therefore it is essential to know how to get rid of knee pain fast.

For someone suffering from knee pain from time to time has no choice but to know ways to learn how to relieve knee pain. And while many people rely on doctors and medications for such purposes, there are ways for instant knee at ease.

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How To Get Rid of Knee Pain Fast and Effectively

Here are some of the many ways to get rid of knee pain fast and effectively. Have a look


Among the most effective ways is to ice the joints. It is beneficial for the pain inside the knee that we know as the medial knee pain, usually caused by sprains, arthritis, or bursitis.

Apply an icepack on to the knee for 10-15 minutes. However, make sure that you don’t apply it directly onto the skin; you can use a thick cloth or a towel. Make sure the buffer of choice doesn’t hurdle with the conduction of cold.

This is the most recommended method by physical therapists all over the world.


Hydrotherapy refers to the use of warm water to relieve the pain of the joints. The warm water eases the pressure on muscles and joints. This can be due to excessive workouts, heavy lifting, or even long walks or running.

Run a warm bath, and then submerge your knee into the water. Make sure you keep massaging your knee while in water. Keep for as long as you feel necessary; reheat the water if you need to.

The high temperature of the water does wonders in relieving joint pains, even other than knee pain.

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Of course, we cannot expect this to be as effective as a massage you can get by real professionals at the hotels or a spa; it is still among the most helpful techniques to alleviate knee pain and how to treat knee pain.

The muscles on the back of the thigh and the inner thigh connect to the knee. They can cause pain when they are stiff. Massaging these muscles can also relax the knee pain.

There are many ways to use massage to release the knee ache. There are tools that people use like a lacrosse ball, a foam roller, tiger tail, trigger point ball, and your hands.

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As already mentioned, the muscles of the inner thigh connect to the knee. Often they become stiff after being overworked and pull at the knee, causing pain. The muscles need to be relaxed to solve this issue.

The best stretch for the inner thighs is the butterfly stretch. The way to do it is to sit down on the floor and bring the feet’ soles together with knees bent. Hold the feet together and try to get the knees down towards the floor. Hold it for about 30 seconds for each rep.

This stretch helps reduce the pressure on the muscles and consequently reduces knee pain.


Just like the inner thigh stretch, hamstring stretch also relieves knee pain. These muscles also connect to the knees on the outside as well as the inside, and the compression over them can be causing pain. The best option is to do a hamstring stretch to release it.

Sit on the floor and let your legs stretch in front. Keeping your shoulders upright, reach, and hold your toes. If you cannot get your toes, then have your calves. Hold it for at least 30 seconds and make sure to repeat it at least three times.

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Like the thigh muscles connect to the knee from the above, the calf muscles are connected downwards. Tension in those muscles can also result in severe knee pain, and the calf stretch is the best way to relieve that.

Stand facing a wall. Now place both your hands on the wall and take a step back with the toes forward. Lean forward while bending the forward knee while keeping the back knee straight. Maintain that position for at least 30 seconds for each rep. the effect can be felt in the back leg.

Repeat at least thrice.


This stretch accommodates all the muscles connected to the knee and can cause any pain. Therefore it can be the best stretch for someone unsure about the cause of the stress they feel on their knee.

Lie down on your back. Stretch the leg out in front of you and lift it and down slowly while maintaining a stable pelvis.

Now roll on the side and lift the leg towards the ceiling keeping it straight and in line with the body.

Now roll on your stomach and lift the leg up and down without an arch in your back.

Roll on your back again and repeat the steps for each leg, ten reps each.


It is not a long term solution; in fact, you are sure to feel the pain come back. However, the best answer to getting rid of knee pain fast is a topical cream.

These creams usually provide a heating effect or a cooling effect, which helps the muscles to relax and quickly alleviates the pain for the time being.

These creams trick your brain into thinking the pain is no more without helping the root cause.


Most times, the muscles are worn up, and due to constant work, they are unable to repair, which results in knee pain. The best action to take in such a situation is to immobilize the knee.

Stop any activities and let the body rest to repair itself, and you can feel better after some recovery. Rest are very underrated when it comes to joint pains but are very useful in reality.

Hopefully, you have learned How to get rid of knee pain fast and how to stop knee pain to get severe.

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