How do I stop my knee brace from smelling

How do I stop my knee brace from smelling

Knee braces are the objects that come directly in contact with your skin. If you are recommended to
wear a knee brace due to injury or due to sports purposes then it is your concern to get to know about
how to stop my knee brace from smelling. Moreover, medical knee braces are often worn for a long
time than sports knee braces. Also if you’re a sports person then you must don’t want to irritate your
fellows by the smell of your knee brace. This worth reading article will help you to know about how to
keep knee braces fresh and clean.

Either you’re using a medical brace or sports brace; it becomes very necessary to maintain the condition
of knee braces to enhance the life of knee braces. Also, if you don’t take care of proper hygienic
conditions of knee braces then it may cause certain kinds of infectious problems to your skin. Improper
handling of knee braces while washing may lead to de-shape the knee brace. So it is almost everybody’s
priority to get to know about the correct cleaning ways of knee braces.

Moreover, besides giving you cleaning tips it is advised you to wear knee braces only when it is required.
Otherwise, you must keep off the knee braces whenever you’re not active. Because keep wearing knee
braces for so long may cause the accumulation of moisture and temperature in that region that will
ultimately produce a bad odor.

You can clean your knee braces from smelling by washing them both manually and mechanically.
Moreover, disinfection is also required to kill germs. For a perfect cleaning of knee brace, it is necessary
to go through such a complete and informative article. This worth reading article will provide you all tips
and tricks to know about the cleaning, keeping, and maintaining of knee braces. Let’s have a look:

By Hand Cleaning of Knee Braces

Best BMX Knee Pads For Kids By Simply KidsYou can clean your knee brace very easily by hand. It is a simple process with few technicalities.

The washing of knee braces by hands including a few things that you must look upon.

Firstly, make sure to remove any kind of plastic or metal buckle present on the knee braces. Because such kinds of buckles can harm you or can harm the knee brace itself during washing.

Then pour a sufficient amount of cold water in the tub to dip the knee braces completely. Make sure that knee braces should completely dip into the water. Don’t use hot water because it can harm the fabric of the knee brace.

Mix detergent in the water. Then add a mild kind of laundry detergent to the water. Use your hands to mix this solution thoroughly.

Moreover, you can also wash your knee brace by mixing baking soda and vinegar into the water.

This isan organic kind of knee brace cleaning and definitely one of the best methods for organic loving
methods people. This organic tip is safe for the fabric quality of your knee brace.

To avoid the smell of vinegar, you can use a few drops of essential oil by mixing in water. Then by
dipping your knee brace in that water and essential oil solution, you can get a pleasant smell.

Now dip your knee brace in water detergent solution. Don’t rub the knee brace against the sides of the
tub because it can harm the fabric of a knee brace. Keep using your hands to wash the knee braces and
you will see the dirt and sweat come out of the knee brace.

Once the knee brace is fully wet then keep it for 30minutes. All dirt and sweat will come out with time.

Then you can drain out the water and can refill the bucket by adding more water, detergent, baking
soda, and vinegar. You can repeat this process twice or thrice until the knee brace is fully neat and clean.
Again, use cold water to complete this entire process. At the end of the procedure, leave the knee brace
on a flat surface to remove all the excess water.

Mechanically Washing of Knee Braces

First of all, you must know about the type of knee braces. Because some braces can’t be washed in the
machine. If you want to wash your knee braces in a machine then instructions should be followed.

Remove all kinds of plastic and metal pieces of the knee braces.

Then set the cycles of a washing machine on a gentle motion cycle. Fast cycles of washing machines can
damage the fabric of knee braces. Again it is recommended to use cold water in the machine.

Moreover, you can also add up a step of dipping knee brace in the fabric conditioner. It will enhance the
life and look of a knee brace. The plastic and metal buckle of knee braces needs a special treatment of
lubrication. A wet towel or paper tissue can be used to clean all buckles.

Then place the knee brace on a flat waterproof surface for proper runoff water. To achieve faster drying
you can place the knee brace in sunlight.

How often should you replace knee sleeves is also a question. Then it is recommended to replace your
knee brace twice a week to avoid the smell. It will make you feel fresh and the threat of skin diseases
can also be reduced. Use a separate bag or box to keep all your knee braces. Don’t put water or juice
bottles in a knee brace bag.

By following all the above mentioned tips and tricks we hope that your questions related to stop my
knee brace from smelling will be answered.

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