Why Do You Need Knee Pads for Volleyball?

The knees are an important part of our body. The movement of the body is not possible without the knees. Especially the players need very fitness to move rapidly. The game-like volleyball requires very swift moments. During these Swift moments, the knees are at the highest. Some specific movements like to pick the ball from the ground increase the possibility of the knees to hit the ground badly. 

Importance to protect them during the game

During the collision with the ground, the knee can be damaged badly. This will not only injure the player but will also stop him or her to play more. There are many examples in history when the injuries destroyed the career of different players.  some players were even at the peak of their career and performance.  this is really important to save the vital organs of the players during the play as far as the movement is concerned the knee is also a very important and vital organ of the players.

The moment’s knee pads assist during the play.

 Continuous body weight shifting is the process of the game.  Rapid feet movement to swiftly reach a place and sudden stop are some of the moments that require super-fit knees. 

Why do volleyball players wear knee pads

This article is specifically about the Volleyball players so here we will write the reasons why specifically the Volleyball players need to wear knee pads. So that the importance of the needed for the Volleyball players can be highlighted. 

Less Burns

The Journal of Epidemiology Published from America. They did a survey with the help of 25000 students. In the survey, they found out that if the students wear knee pads during volleyball games they receive 56% less injurious In comparison while they didn’t wear the knee pads.

Protect muscles

The knee pads not only protect the knees during the collision but this also protects the Muscles in case of sudden contraction and scratch.  During the motion, the muscle becomes warm the external temperature if called and even if at the normal position will damage the muscle. knee pads as an extra protective layer save the muscle from the external cold by keeping it warm. So it acts as an extra protective layer. Technically this protection can be considered as protection during hyperextending. 

Performance booster 

Players while playing may get some collision with the floor that can reduce its performance during the game but if this collision does not restrict him or her during the game he or she can maintain the highest performance level.  So the knee pads act as a performance booster in this scenario.

Financial burden

 you may think that buying a volleyball knee pad is a financial burden for the player. this is absolutely true this is an extra burden which has to suffer buy the pocket of the player.  on the other hand, if the player got injured because of the absence of a knee pad.   he may never be able to play and his professional career will end forever.  even if the player is not playing this game professionally even he has to wear the medical expenses and there is a possibility that he will never be able to walk properly after the injury. 

As per an old English saying that A stitch in time saves nine.  The same is true in the case of knee pads if you to buy one and bear the financial loss this purchase will save you from the loss of health and of course the money to in the future.

Confidence booster

Playing volleyball with the knee pads on your knees. You will be in the best position to move swiftly, take the risk and avail the chances which seem impossible without the fear of getting injured. 

The player has in his mind that he has protection he will move better fast and safety during the game.  This will also boost performance as he will not be worried about protecting himself from the injury. This is natural for all of us humans that we can perform better in the protective environment. The knee pads will take away our worry we can focus as a player completely on our performance, not the  production

How long do volleyball knee pads last

Every product has its life but with proper protection, the life of the product can be increased same is true for the knee pads. Below are some of the tips to increase the life of the knee pads. 

Clean protection 

 it is important to wear the knee pads but this is equally important to wear the clean knee pads.  Wearing dirty knee pads can cause skin infection and skin disease. This is natural for the players to sweat during the play. Once you wear the knee pads there are high chances that the place under the knee pads will have more sweating as compared to other parts of the body.  This will make the knee pads dirty and they require more often cleaning then the other clothes you wear on different parts of your body.

There are some protective measures that have to be adopted in order to increase the life of the knee pads and save it from D shipping. Because of the knee pads, if D shaped will not be able to protect your knees. so this is important to clean the knee pads as well as to protect the knee pads during this cleaning process.

Now we will look at some of the precautionary measures you can take while cleaning the knee pads to protect it from disappearing so it can perform its function properly.

Dry it before cleaning

The chances are high that after the game the knee pads will be wet. This is advisable to dry it first before cleaning it with water. 

Is Water Necessary

It is not necessary that every type of knee pad requires water to be cleaned. The rubber knee pads can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. 

Machine Wash or Hand Wash

This is a strict instruction to be followed if provided by the manufacturer of the knee pads is that if the knee pads are machine washable wash them in the machine and otherwise wash it only with the hands.

Cold or Hot Water

Some knee pads are made of the specific types of cloth and cotton. This cloth and cotton can be damaged if washed by the water which is not of appropriate temperature. Do not wash the knee pads with too hot or too cold water.  

Why do volleyball players wear knee pads below their knees – Muscle coordination Enhancer

Some of you may find it interesting that the knee pads can act as muscle coordinator. This enhances the coagulation by stimulating the muscles till the toss. 

Provide instant relief

The knee pads can provide instant relief in case of fatigue. The player is experiencing fatigue while playing the extensive moment game of volleyball. This is not only felt by the knee muscles but the brain will also feel it’s tension. The reason for the brain to feel the strain is that in volleyball the player continuously shifts the weight from one knee to another knee.  The shifting of the wait involves the brain if the knees will be at ease the brain will be at ease and if the brain will be at ease the whole body will be at ease. So the knee pads do not only save the knees but protect the peace of the whole body.

The fatigue is not only an element that is being released by the knee pads.  The Other important element is pain.  By protecting the muscles from overstretching the knee pads saves the muscle in case of injury and again acts as an instant relief provider especially for the Volleyball players.

Fitness Protector and provider

By binding the muscles during the different motions. The knee pads will not only protect the fitness of the player but will also so keep the muscles in shape. This will provide the player with the required strength to perform best in the game. 

Increase oxygen circulation

 The knee pads increase oxygen circulation in the lower part of the body.  This increased circulation keeps the players strong during the game of volleyball.  This is true for all types of games.  Especially those games that involve the extensive movement of the legs.

Final Words

Knee pads do a lot for the Volleyball players.  We have tried to cover it all.  Beginning from the pain reliever to the fatigue killer. This also provides the player with peace of mind.  Not only this but we have covered the ways in which you can protect your knee pads. The cleaning techniques with precautionary measures to wash each and everything has been covered. There will be only very few articles that have observed the knee pads in such detail that they even discuss the role of the knee pads as the brain relaxer, muscle activity enhancer and coordinator. 

This may look like a small piece of plastic cloth and cotton but now you are in a very good position to find out that how important the knee pads are for the players especially for the knee pad players

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